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Accutech™ Stepper Motor Gauges
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Volts 8-18V

Oil Pressure 0-100 psi

Stepper motor gauges use a small electronic motor that only turns a tiny fraction of a rotation to drive the pointer. It is electronically controlled and is much more precise than the traditional mechanical instruments whose accuracy can be affected by many factors. 
Many professional racing teams,  NASCAR™, etc. – are switching to this style of gauge for the improved accuracy (see the in-car cameras).

Fuel Pressure 0-15 psi


Built-in Warning Lights – Ultra Bright 2 Stage LED
2 set points are easily adjusted to your needs (critical oil pressure has 3 set points). For example set water temp for just above normal running temp (if you run 215° set it at 230°). Above that the LED comes on to let you know the motor is starting to get warm. Set the second one at the max temp your engine can tolerate (say 250°). At this point the LED flashes to attract your attention, possibly saving motor damage.

Fuel Pressure 0-100 psi


Since oil pressure is so critical, 
the gauge has 3 set points.

You can set the first just below normal running pressure (say normal is 60 psi – set it at 50 psi – no damage there). At this point the LED comes on. 
Set the second at 35 psi. The LED flashes – you need to know here, possible damage. Set the third at 20 psi. 
Engine damage is likely here. At this third set point the LED continues to flash PLUS the gauge backlight changes color and starts to flash. It’s hard to miss this – day or night. It allows you to get the engine shut down.

Water Temperature 100º-280º

Water Temperature 100º-340º

 Oil Temperature 100º-340º

Oil Temperature 100º-280º

I-LA46555 8-18V



I-LA46540 OP 0-100



I-LA46535 FP 0-15


I-LA46538 FP 0-100



I-LA46545 WT 100-280


I-LA46548 WT 100-340



I-LA46553 OT 100-340


I-LA46550 OT 100-280



Gauges are 2-5/8” and have a molded polycarbonate / ABS case (virtually unbreakable)..
An electronic sensor (included.) is installed on the motor to drive the gauge,
no oil or fuel in the driver’s compartment for safety.
Thru-the-dial LED backlights
and an illuminated pointer make these easy to read at any speed..
”Presentation” at turn-on - Gauges go through a self test. Pointers swing full scale and all LEDs come on.
Quick & simple to install - Connect power to one gauge and ‘daisy chain’ the others to it (wiring included).
Connect the sensor wire and you're done.



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