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Stepper Motor Gauges In Modular Panels
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Fuel Pressure 0-15psi

Modular Composite Panel

These are the same gauges as on the previous page, installed in a panel.

Build Your Own Panel 
the way you want it!

Fuel Pressure 0-100 psi

Here's a different way that gives you flexibility in laying out your gauges. These individual 'modular' panels can be arranged any way you like and are easily connected by just plugging in the wiring included. 

Oil Pressure 0-100 psi

The panels are lightweight molded ABS with a carbon fiber pattern and really look great. Build your custom panel with any combination of gauges, as many as you need, with or without a tach.

Water Temperature 100º-280º


Water Temperature 100º-340º

Oil Temperature 100º-340º

Oil Temperature 100º-280º

Volts 8-18V

I-LA44599 8-18V



I-LA44594 OP 0-100



I-LA44592 FP 0-15


I-LA44593 FP 0-100



I-LA44595 WT 100-280


I-LA44596 WT 100-340



I-LA44597 OT 100-280


I-LA44598 OT 100-340







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