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Safety Equipment
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As per the General Competition Rules,
19.5.8, page 173, the rule states:

All driver restraint systems shall meet SFI Specifications 16.1.,and shall bear a dated "SFI Spec 16.1." label.  The certification indicated by this label shall expire on December 31st of the 2nd year after the date of manufacture as indicated by the label.  Driver restraint systems comply with FIA specification #8853/1985, including amendment 1/92, may be used.  FIA driver restraint systems shall be no more than five (5) years old.


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Not all manufactures are dating every belt in a set.  They may be dating one of a pair of shoulder or lap belts or may only be dating one belt in an entire set.  Scrutineers are reminded the restraint system needs only one date label.)  Restraint systems homologated to FIA specification 8853/98 will not have a date of manufacture label.  Instead, they will have a label containing the Manufactures Name, 

Type of Harness Designation, and Date of Expiration, which is the last day of the year marked.  All straps in an FIA restraint system will have these labels.  FIA restraint systems with the certification "D###.T/98 are equal to FIA specifications 8853/98, and are therefore acceptable restraint systems.


The FIA approved Willans Safety Harnesses WILL have the FIA label on all of the belts in the set.  When a harness is FIA approved, it will not carry a date of manufacture label.  They will now have the approved FIA label with an expiration date and all the proper certification numbers.
Since Willans Safety Harnesses ARE FIA approved, they are good for five (5) years.  Any other manufactured without the FIA label will be good for only two (2) years.

Your current Willans Safety Harnesses will have a FIA label, and should be printed with an expiration date.  This label is normally located on one of the lap belts.



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