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Willans Harnesses
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Willans harnesses are one of the finest safety systems available.  


They are renowned as the premier belts in European sedan series and formula cars.
Many Formula 1, Indy Car, NASCAR., Formula Atlantic, ALMS, Formula and Rally choose Willans safety harnesses.  

In addition to this Willans has been involved in several be-spoke projects, such as manufacturing the harness for the 
Thrust SSC which broke the World Land Speed record and also helping the MIR Space Station with a project looking into osteoporosis. 

Willans supplied harnesses to both Virgin Atlantic Challenger attempts when Sir Richard Branson smashed the world record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic achieving this amazing feat in a 72 foot powerboat.


Willans 6 Point Single Seater Harnesses

Willans six strap body harnesses with six vehicle attachment points using 5/16” (8mm) diameter bolt fixings for all mountings.
3/8" (10mm) and 7/16" (12mm ) bolt fixings are available

Shoulder 11" pads are constructed from foam backed brush nylon material with Velcro attachment.
These can be easily wrapped around and attached to harness shoulder straps for extra comfort.

Available in
Red, Black and Blue

Club 6 Single Seater 
3" Shoulder, 3" Lap
Club 6 Single Seater HANS
3" Shoulder, 3" Lap
2" or 3" Shoulder Pads


W-5302-color 2"


W-5003-color 3"


Please click on the helmet for a larger view and details



Willans 6 Point Saloon Harnesses

A selection of 6 point harnesses suitable for use in saloon cars for road racing, rallying and off-road use. 

Options include V, T and Loop & D type crutch straps and 2" or 3" lap straps.  HANS only models are also shown.


Club V6x6
3" Shoulder, 3" Lap
Club 6x6 loop and D
3" Shoulder, 3" Lap
Club T6x6
3" Shoulder, 3" Lap
Club T6x6 HANS
3" Shoulder, 3" Lap

Please click on the helmet for a larger view and details



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