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Hans® Device
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Basic Concept:  In a crash without a HANS® device, the shoulder harness and seat belt restrain the driver's torso but only the neck restrains the head and helmet.  The HANS® device reduces the whipping action of the head; keeping the drivers head from being pulled away from their upper body.

With the HANS®, the forces stretching the neck in the frontal collision are typically reduced by 80%.  In a frontal impact the tethers restrain the head's forward movements while the torso and HANS® device are restrained by the shoulder harness.  By restraining the head to move with the torso in a crash, excessive head motions, neck forces and injuries are dramatically reduced.

The HANS® device should match the angle of your seat back.  An incorrect angle will be uncomfortable to use.

The only functional difference between the Sport (economy) Series and the Professional series is the weight.  The Professional Series is 1.5 pounds lighter than the Sport Series.  The Sport Series is made of Carbon Fiber reinforced plastic.  The professional modes is 100% carbon fiber which reduces weight as much as possible.

When a HANS Device is purchased from Continental Motorsport Services, the anchor installation is free of charge.  We are factory trained to do the installation properly.




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