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Camber Caster Gauges
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This Dunlop style gauge is one of the fastest ways to check your alignment.

Simply hold the gauge against the rim for easy, accurate readings.  There are no spindle adaptors required.  Made from CNC machined billit aluminum.

The alignment pins are adjustable to work on virtually any car.  The 3 point design folds up for easy storage in the silver case.

As an additional benefit, the AccuLevel™ digital readout can be removed and used separately as a digital angle finder for suspension, spoiler angles, and many other things.





Adapter Only

This is the fastest way to check your front end alignment. Just hold it against the rim for easy, accurate readings. No spindle adapters required here. Made from CNC machined billet aluminum. Works on virtually any car, any size wheel. 3 point design makes setting caster easier. Folds for easy storage.


RP-2578428 $113.95


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