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Maintenance Products
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Before you throw that broken part away, take a look at Valco’s Epoxi·Putty™. Epoxi·Putty is a kneadable product that mixes like putty, bonds like epoxy and hardens like steel. It is extremely tough and durable and adheres to a wide range of metals as well as PVC, plastic, ceramic, fiberglass, glass and wood.
Epoxi·Putty sets up under water and is impervious to chemicals. After one hour, it can be drilled, tapped, filed and machined. Cured Epoxi·Putty withstands temperatures up to 500°F.  We have even used the putty on mufflers and catalytic converters with great success.
Epoxi·Putty is used to make permanent repairs to engine blocks, mirror mounts, manifolds, plastic grills, fiberglass boats, gas tanks, exhaust systems, motors, radiators, mufflers, jewelry, batteries, furniture, models, gaskets, appliances, plumbing, fixtures, stripped screw holes, tractors and much more.

To use, break off a small portion of  the putty and work quickly.  Do not fuss or overwork the putty.  Put it on and let it do it's job!


V-8171636 2oz Cylinder





Thread Locker anaerobic compounds are great for locking, retaining, sealing and being used as a gasket on a variety of components. Thread Locker compounds perform at high temperatures, prevent corrosion, and resist water, oils, hydrocarbons and more. They also withstand vibration, improve load distribution and act as a lubricant during assembly. A durable plastic seal cures in the absence of air when activated by a metal component or primer.
Thread Locker is available in low, medium and high strengths—low and medium strength for applications that may require dismantling, and high strength for permanent locks. Applications include thread-locking nuts and bolts or retaining bearings, liners, bushes, keys and splines.


V-8171623 10ml bottle blue
medium strength


V-8171622 10ml bottle red
high strength




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