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Red Line Motor Oils vs. Race Oil

The Red Line Motor Oil is a detergent oil designed to offer good protection over an extended drain interval and to keep combustion by products in suspension.  The Race Oil is a non detergent oil designed to make the most power and offer the best protection, but not recommended on the street.  The lack of detergents will slightly reduce friction, but consequently will need to be changed more frequently.  In street applications, we generally follow the original manufactured viscosity recommendation with Red Line Oil, a low viscosity can be safely used do to superior protection offered.

Differential Gear Oils

In most differentials on the street the 75W90 is recommended, either open or limited slip.  The Red Line 75W90 has a friction modifier to reduce chatter in a clutch type limited slip, in an open differential it is also beneficial in reducing friction and temperatures.  The 75W90NS is sometimes used in a racing clutch type limited slip for maximum lock-up, or fine tuning the lock-up with Friction Modifier.  The DIFFERENTIAL FRICTION MODIFIER & BREAK-IN ADDITIVE is a friction modifier designed to reduce limited-slip noise andFriction Modifier is added to the gear lube when chatter is present when making a slow tight turn with a clutch type limited slip.

About ShockProof

SHOCKPROFF™GEAR OIL - The Shock Prof gear lubes are recommended primarily for racing applications as well as some motor cycle applications.  The Shock Proof Heavy is recommended in the Harley transmissions.   The Light Weight Shock Proof or Super Lightweight for two stroke transmissions.  The Shockproof Heavy is recommended in most drag race rear differentials, sprint cars etc.  The Friction Modifier is recommended in addition if the differential is not a clutch type limited slip.  The Light Weight and Super Light Weight are used in some racing differentials and transmissions.


SYNTHETIC ATF - synthetic Dexron II, Mercon, and Mercedes-Benz approved fluid. Superior stability allows high-temperature operation without varnishing valves and clutches. Also provides improved shifting in cold weather.

D4 ATF - synthetic Dexron III and Mercon fluid meeting the requirements of most transmission manufacturers, while satisfying GL-4 gear oil requirements. Superior stability allows high-temperature operation without varnishing valves and clutches. Also provides tremendously improved shifting in cold weather. The best low-temperature shiftability for manual transmissions and transaxles which require ATFs.


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Are the oils you are using really synthetic?
Do they use the highest grade of esters?
Do your homework.


Red Line Motor Oils are designed to provide the highest degree of protection and cleanliness for your automotive, motorcycle, or marine engine. Red Line uses the most stable synthetic components available and formulate our products for wear protection across a wide range of engine operating conditions.

Red Line lubricants are unique because they contain PE Polyol Ester base stocks, the only lubricants which can withstand the tremendous heat of modern jet engines. This high-temperature stability makes our motor oil a necessity to properly lubricate a turbocharger or hot-running engine. 

The synthetic base stocks have a natural multigrade property, which means that large amounts of unstable polymeric thickeners, like those used in petroleum oils, are not required to manufacture our multigrades.


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