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Oil System
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Oil Coolers
Setrab aluminum oil coolers are fitted by vehicle manufactures demanding high performance and quality.  The coolers are used on all types of vehicles, from earthmoving machines to racing cars.  The range also includes coolers for hydrostatic systems and special designs for a wide field of applications.

Setrab oil coolers are manufactured by a unique method which makes it possible to produce the various sizes without time-wasting and costly tool changes.  Even very small series can be delivered quickly, with no extra charge for tooling costs.

800 Different Sizes:  The standard range of coolers comes in 9 different lengths, 8.25" to 15.94" in 1" steps.  The number of tubes available is from 3 rows to 90 rows which gives a height from .787" to 27.55".  The depth or thickness is 2" in all cases.  The coolers can be supplied with a wide range of connectors.  The coolers sizes are determined by the Series of cooler.  Series 1, is the shortest cooler, to Series 9, being the longest.


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