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Engine Cooling
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Technical Specifications

Input Voltage

12V DC to 13.5V DC

Output Voltage

5V to 13.50V

Max. Current


Operating Temperature

-20 C to 60 C (-5 F to 140 F)

Controller Type

Circuit Board with Microprocessor 

Sensor Type

Thermister in water-proof housing

Controller Weight

90 g (3.20 oz)


101 mm (L) x 95 mm (W) x 35 mm (D) 4.0" (L) x 33/4" (W) x 13/8" (D)



Combine with the Davies, Craig EWP Electric Water Pump for optimum engine cooling system performance.  Mount controller box under dash, connect color coded relay harness and EWP wire loom to the mating connectors on controller and pump.  Place the temperature sensor in engine thermostat position.
T-EWP8020 $239.00



The EBP reduces warm up time and increases hot water flow directly from the cylinder head to the heater core – giving you a faster warm-up and increasing available heat to the vehicle cabin, even when engine has been shut off.

The EBP helps cooling by increasing water circulation around the cylinder head. To prevent hot spots within the cylinder head, the pump can be wired to the ignition or connected to a timer (not supplied in kit), so that it can run-on after engine shut-down to prevent heat build-up.

Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage: 9V DC to 15V DC
Maximum Current: 1.3A
Flowrate: 13.3L/min at 10kPa
  176gal/hr at 10kPa
Temperature: -40°C to +135°C
  -10°F to +275°F
Pump Design: Clockwise Centrifugel Pump
Motor Life: 15,000 hrs
Pump Weight: 260g (0.6lbs)
Drive: Magnetic - no seal
Hose Sizes: 12-20mm (Inlet/Outlet)
Control: Smart Controller (optional)
part no. 8010


T-EBP9001 $206.95


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