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Engine Cooling
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Technical Specifications:

Operating Voltage

4V DC to 14.5V DC

Maximum Current



20L to 80L/min, (300 gal to 1300 gal/hr) 13.5V DC

Operating Temperature

-20C to 130C (-5 F to 270 F)

Pump Design

Clockwise centrifugal with volute chamber

Motor Life

2000 hrs continuous at 80 C (180 F) and 12V DC

Pump Weight

900 grams (2lb)

Pump Material

Nylon 66, 30% glass filled

Maximum Pressure

tested to 50 psi

Fits Hoses Sizes

32mm to 50mm (1-1/4" to 2")

Usually the most difficult condition to cool a car engine is when it is stationary and idling in high ambient temperatures. In this situation, the mechanical pump produces its minimum flow rate of about 20 litres per minute. At the highest engine speed that rate is typically increased to about 180 litres per minute but because the coolant is flowing so fast, it spends less time in the radiator and very little extra heat is removed than when the flow rate is about 80 litres per minute. The power taken by the pump increases dramatically at high flow rates because the resistance to flow offered in the radiator also increases.

The electric pump operates at its maximum efficiency design rate of 80 litres/ minute when the full 12 volts is applied to its motor. But in most situations even that rate is more then necessary so Davies, Craig has developed a solid state intelligent controller. It senses the temperature in the engine and then varies the voltage between 4 and 12 volts to the pump motor thus varying the pump speed so that the engine temperature is precisely controlled to a set temperature. Current consumption for 90% of motoring time will be less than two amps and up to six amps when the pump is full on.

Suitable for up to 5.0 litre normally aspirated, unmodified engines.

T-EWP8005 $262.88



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