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Spark Plug Wires
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Taylor 8mm and Spiro-Pro Wire Sets

8mm Pro Wire Set:
8mm 100% pure silicone insulation, fiberglass reinforced jacket.
Double sprung locking spark plug terminals.
Tinned copper weld wire core for racing applications where RFI is not a concern.
We stock blue wire sets. Yellow, black and red are available. 
Spiro-Pro Wire Sets:
Maximum fire power without radio interference.
Provides up to 10 times less resistance than standard resistor core wire.
A must for electronic ignitions, on-board computers and pit radios.
100% silicone inner and outer jacket provides heat protection up to 600°F.
Double sprung locking spark plug terminals.
1600, 90° boot and 2000, straight boot stocked.  Others available upon request.

Part No.

Over Top


TI-16002 Pro Wire 


TI-20002 Pro Wire 


TI-16102 Spiro-Pro


TI-20102 Spiro-Pro


Around Back
TI-20020 Spiro-Pro



Coil Wire

24" long coil wire can be cut to size.  The wire features one end fastened to the wire.  
Crimp the terminal to the wire when you have cut the wire to size.




Boot Protectors



6" long heat treated fiberglass.
Universal size, withstands up to 1200°F.


$5.49 each

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