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Maintenance Tips
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Check disc surface for warpage.  Inspect the ring gear for excessive wear.   Check the friction surface for flatness.  The maximum allowable warpage is .006".  If you resurface the flywheel, you must maintain a step height of .100" plus .000, minus .002.

Make sure that the pressure plate and floater plate(s) slide through the housing freely.   Check for cracks from high mileage, discoloration from excessive heat, and grooves cut into the inside diameter by the friction discs due to bellhousing flex and mis-alignment or a worn pilot bushing.

Clutch Disc:
Inspect for worn splines, cracked hubs, loose rivets, cracked and/or warped discs.   If you are having problems with the center spline breaking, look for spline mis-alignment, not the disc.
Minimum allowable thickness:
Single Disc - .080"
Two Disc - 0.90"

Pressure Plate:
Check for broken teeth.  Check for warpage.  The maximum allowable warpage is .006".

Clutch Cover:
Check diaphragm spring for discoloration from excessive heat.  Check for excessive wear on the spring fingers from release bearing contact.  Check for cracks on aluminum clutch covers after extended service.

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