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Shockproof Manual Transmission Oils

Red Line Synthetic ShockProof™ Gear Oil provides unequalled protection for high-performance differentials and transmissions which are heavily loaded or which see shock-loading. This revolutionary lubricant is completely different from conventional lubricant technology in several ways. 

The viscosity characteristics are significantly improved.  Gear teeth need high viscosity at high temperatures to prevent metal-to-metal contact and a low viscosity when cold to reduce fluid friction. The ShockProof™ chemistry significantly reduces the thinning effect of high-temperatures. 

The Heavy can be rated as a 75W250 Gear Oil, but has the lower internal fluid friction of an SAE 75W90. The LightWeight can be rated as a 75W140 Gear Oil, but has the lower internal fluid friction of an SAE 30 motor oil. The SuperLight can be rated as a 70W90 Gear Oil, but has the lower internal fluid friction of an ATF. 

These ShockProof™ lubricants provide much greater viscosity in the thin layers between the gear teeth, but have very low internal fluid friction, which means very little power loss for the protection achieved. ShockProof™ Gear Oil has a 40% lower coefficient of friction and 250% the load-carrying capacity compared to conventional gear oils, which means that metal-to-metal friction is greatly reduced.  Temperature reductions between 25°F - 75°F are common in circle track, road racing, and off-road racing. 

Improved durability in high-performance use is the primary benefit of the Heavy ShockProof™ and along with the improved durability is an improvement in efficiency, but if further improvements in efficiency are desired, and durability is not a major concern, LightWeight and SuperLight ShockProof™ can be used. The cushioning effect of the ShockProof™ chemistry allows the use of one of the lighter viscosities in many performance applications with little sacrifice in durability. Red Line ShockProof™ can be used in conventional, limited-slip, or locker differentials.  Red Line ShockProof™ is designed for use in competition differentials and transmissions.


All of the Shockproof Manual Transmission Products Feature:

  • Fully-synthetic formulas created from polyol ester base stocks, offer excellent lubrication under extreme conditions

  • High viscosity-index (VI) to provide relatively constant viscosity and film thickness with varying temperature change

  • Ester base stocks and friction modifiers provide additional slipperiness to lower operating temperatures by reducing the sliding friction in hypoid gears

  • Superior shear stability and reduced oxidation compared to other synthetics and conventional gear oils

  • Exceed API GL-5 specifications

  • Engineered to provide the highest degree of protection and improvement of differential efficiency for better mileage, longer drain intervals, and less wear


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Lightweight Shockproof

  • Film thickness greater than an SAE 75W140, yet low fluid 
    friction like 80W gear oil or 30W motor oil
  • Excellent low-temp flow, improved cold shifting
  • For racing differentials under moderate loads
  • Popular in racing transmissions like Hewland and other 
    Road Racing dog-ring boxes, Bert and Brinn for Stock Cars, 
    G-Force, and Liberty clutchless for Drag Racing





75W1400 / Quart



75W140 / Case 12




Heavy Shockproof

  • Film thickness greater than an SAE 75W250, yet low fluid friction
    like 75W90
  • For heavily-loaded racing differentials and transmissions, problem gearboxes
  • Many performance racing applications like Sprint/Midget/Dirt 
    Late Model Differentials, Detroit Lockers and spools, 
    NHRA Top Fuel and Funny Car rear ends
  • Not recommended for most synchro applications due to the 
    product's extreme slipperiness





D4 / Quart



10w40 / Case 12