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PFC Compound Descriptions
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Requires more leg pressure than the 83 compound, for comparable braking.

Subtle and a favorite for many applications where pedal modulation is difficult, brake balance or chassis set-up requires a more forgiving pad.

Recommended for Late Model and Oval dirt racing.


A higher coefficient of friction than the 80 compound.  This pad material has a super high torque, a firm pedal feel, and requires finesse.

Recommended for  high grip and severe duty applications.



A favorite pad for driving schools because of its modulation characteristics.

Higher torque output than the 83 compound.  The 90 compound was developed at the same time as the 93 compound, and is very similar with lower torque output.  Very easy on the brake discs.  It also has a higher wear rate under super severe service than the 93 compound.

Recommended for applications that demand good wear and modulation.



Has a higher bite and torque than the 90 compound.  There is a slight torque rise with temperature to handle the most extreme conditions.  Requires finesse as to not over slow the car.

This compound has a better release characteristic, great improvement for trailing into a corner or modulation at threshold braking.  They are very kind to the rotors.  Requires finesse, coming on very fast, slowing the car quickly.

The 90 compound has been replaced by the 01, 03, and 05 compound, but is popular and available in limited applications.

Recommended for high grip and high down force applications.


The 97 compound has a higher torque than the 90 compound, and less initial bite than the 01 compound.  The torque curve is very flat, allowing less wear.  Very easy on the brake rotors.

Recommended for applications that demand excellent wear and modulation.



This compound has the high flat torque curve, providing excellent pedal modulation.  
At the end of the stop, the 01 compound has less torque scatter or improved modulation with excellent release.
The 01 compound has better wear than the 83 compound with a fast, smooth release.  The pads polish the rotor without pad material build-up.

Recommended for a wide variety of applications:  oval, open wheel, endurance, all club racing and track day events.



This compound has shown to have higher bite and average torque than the 01 compound with a slight rise of torque with temperature to handle severe conditions.

The 03 has excellent modulation and release characteristics, less torque scatter and very good disc conditioning properties.

Recommended for high grip and high down force applications.



The 05 has the highest initial bite and average torque of any compound on the market.  There is virtually no torque rise with temperature.  Release and modulation characteristics are second to none with wear slightly better than the 03 compound.

Recommended for high grip, high down force, and severe duty applications.



PFC brake pads are pre-bedded
from the factory.

It is essential NOT to drag your foot on the brakes.  Make several slow stops or stabs to assure actuation.  Then make several normal hard stops while under normal hard lap conditions.  Assume normal driving pace.



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